Our Courses

Our courses and training programmes are designed to improve skillsets in one of our key areas of focus: Culture, Communication and Collaboration. Courses are a mix of self-paced, group study or one on one coaching for Entrepreneurs, Organizations and Executives. These include:

1. The Fine Art of Public Speaking

Suitable for everyone who needs practical Public Speaking tips to move them from shy to seasoned. Our programme features a memorable seven step formula to enhance the learning process.

2. Ace that Media Interview

This session prepares entrepreneurs, executives and other representatives for media interviews on what to wear and how to handle difficult questions.

3. Cultural awareness and expats sensitization

For expats who relocate to Jamaica to live, work and do business, this training is integral as a part of every onboarding. The programme focuses on societal and workplace cultural interpretation. Learn about varied socio cultural nuances and have a smoother, virtually stress free cultural integration. Understanding Jamaica through cultural tours and activities is also available.

4. Cultural Awareness Training for leaders

Suitable for executives, Managers and Human Resources professionals irrespective of organisational size. Our training looks at culture as differences in backgrounds and how this and other diversity, equity and inclusion issues should be managed towards effectiveness in organisations. This training session is suitable for orientations and ongoing leadership development.

5. Cultural Awareness Training for multinational groups

Suitable for International Organisations and Multinational Corporations with staff from diverse cultural backgrounds. Also suitable for organisations that do business in other markets where cultural integration is critical to success.

6. Communications 101 for leaders

Suitable for leaders who interact with and manage others. The course emphasises a mix of soft skills and other communication skills geared at improving team collaboration and effectiveness.

7. Social Media Management

Provides guidelines on social media management, its benefits, functions, data driven approaches and more.

8. Visualize and Visionboard your life

This goal-setting session encourages individuals and groups to be the CEO of their own lives utilising a mix of the law of attraction and visual boards.

9. Custom Communications training to meet your organisation’s needs

We create courses that combine varied components to meet your needs. Schedule a consultation today.

10. From Fear to Mastery of Digital Communications

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